Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back with a Poll! What do you want most in the next version?

Hi guys, long time no see!

I know it's been a while since the last update, and I'm sorry about that. I've been caught up by another project that will finally come to end very soon. So I'll be back to my favorite project ASAP!

In the meantime, I'm been doing some thinking about what to bring to you guys next. There is so much to do(I really want to make a GREAT product here!), but I'm developing this all by myself, so...

I want to make sure that I always deliver what matters most. And that's why I created a little poll on the Fabrik Reader facebook page (please please like it first!). But before you go there and cast your holy vote, please allow me to explain the options in detail here:

(If you want bookmark, or widgets, consider it's done! They will be the first to be delivered in the next version!)

1. Fabrik Reader Social Network:
    This is my personal favorite! I've always wanted to have a socialized ebook reading experience. That means while you're reading something cool, you can leave some comments and talk about it with other people who also enjoy it. You can also share what you're reading, what you plan to read. You can see what other people have read, or is reading right now. You can follow the people that have sharp opinions, or have the same taste of books as you do, and talk to them, get book recommendations from them. You can find out trending books and what others are saying about them. You can... Isn't that fantastic? Like a book club in your pocket (I know it's a cheesy line...).

2. OPDS support.
    Not much to say about this one.

3. Google Drive Support.
    I know I've been promising this for a long time... It's just that the Google Drive SDK is really hard to use compare to Dropbox...

4. Better Render Engine.
    For now Fabrik Reader doesn't really support things like html tag format or css. So I think a better render engine would be good. After all, it's an ebook reader, is it not?

5. iOS Fabrik Reader.
    I know most of you are probably hard core Android guys, but the Dropbox sync feature will be more shiny with multiple platform support. So how many of you guys want to see Fabrik Reader on iOS?

6. Other
    Please comment if you have any other thoughts!


  1. 1.Bookmark please!
    2.Translation. Simplified Chinese please!

  2. number 4 please.
    Thanks for an otherwise great app.

  3. fix page turning animation (see my comment on your Google Play apge) and PDF loading bug.

  4. Will vote on FB but my list:

    1. Open last read book option
    2. Open cover to view full screen, its hard to work out which book is which (in any book reader), I need to be able to determine which book is next in a series of books for example.
    3. Filter in/out Read/Started reading books
    4. OPDS support

  5. I would like the WebApp or a Chrome Extension, to sync with PC.
    Thanks. Amazing app.

  6. I would love to be able to use my own font. I'm missing hugely.

    Another thing that would be really cool (which no one has done yet) is a page turn animation modelled on the app drawer in ICS/jelly bean - essentially the current page sweeping to the left and the new page zoom-fading from the back. It would suit digital text perfectly and keep the idea of pages whilst getting rid of the skeuomorphism of turning paper. A dream feature :)

    A couple of small bugs I've found:
    *lines break at apostrophes when they shouldn'
    t :D
    *lights out mode (on android tablets and galaxy nexus/nexus 4) doesn't work properly, the on screen buttons and status bar are dimmed when first entering the book, but when you swipe down the notification bar or bring up the in book settings overlay and dismiss, lights out mode isn't reactivated.

    Apart from that I'm wanting nothing with this reader. It's brilliant.

    1. That font looks good! Shame it is 120 bucks though...

    2. the regular weight is free! and most programs can do a decent enough fake italic and bold. it's a beautiful unobtrusive serif that has a wonderful weight on the page. I read better in it than any other :)

  7. Definitely Google Drive. Would be awesome!

  8. 现在点击分享按钮时,4.1风格的分享框会跳出来,普通的分享框也会跳出来…只要一个就行了

  9. For me definetely beter reader engine (I wrote you about eating sometimes paragraphs and sometimes text paragraph is duplicated -I have more examples if you need-), more sort options, Editing tags would be great, goodle drives could be nice and OPSD. In that order..... :-)

    And thanks for what you did so far.

  10. Love the new icon and glad sync seems to be working with the last update without having to hit the back button and wait. Page turn animation has always been lagy though. Play books has the best animation followed by nook. Would like to see something like those here. Still the best ereader I've found though. Keep up the good work!

  11. A better rendering engine is absolutely essential!

    I love this reader (the page turn and general feel is amazing) but missing page breaks and duplicate lines really mess up the reading experience. This needs to be fixed urgently... please!

    Keep up the good work!

  12. It would be gr8 if its made available on IOS platform. I use android cell & a ipad. Only if its made available on all platforms, full potential will be realized.

    1. I use android cell and ipad like you.
      An app for ios will be the solution for all my troubles!

    2. I also want to read Fabrik on my iPad!

  13. Congratulations for your GOOD work!! Your app is terrific and I can see myself using it not only for reading but also for my work.
    I've got a huge library and moreover I want to use Fabrik to read work documents that I've got organised in different directories. I've not managed to make them appear in Fabrik so I end up with a long documents list.
    For me it would be essential to be able to organise books/documents in libraries/directories.
    I also will enormously benefit from a Web App or a Chrome extension so I can re-take my documents at work where I left them in the tablet.

  14. Page turn animation sound to get a better real book feeling.

  15. App is great, only critical thing that's missing is proper PDF support.

    Once that's been implemented I can see this becoming 'the' app for all your reading needs; comics, books, textbooks, manuals.

    Furthermore, once that's been implemented, a kind of in-app file structure (i.e. folders) to organise all your files would make it even better.

    Would love an iOS app. After switching from a nexus 7 to an iPad mini (the only reason being the aspect ratio of the mini makes it a lot easier to read mathematics pdf's) I really missed this app.

  16. Hi there, is there a way to delete bookmarks? Can't seem to remove them. Please fix. It will be great if the brightness level could be dimmer. Thanks

  17. Hi
    It would be nice to have
    1. Sync also when being offline and/or
    2. Last read position sync option

    If I read offline on my wifi-only tablet, the last read position is not synced. It should be synced again when I get online.
    If the last position in one device is not synced and I open in another device the las synced postion will be the old postion.

    Great App, by the way!


  18. Innovate Fabrik by :
    1.providing google image search option (for example: i want to see baobab tree, so i can search via in built image search.
    2.provide more dictionaries in Fabrik itself especially English to English(like in ZO reader)
    3.there are maps given in novels which can be seen only by zooming(please see ZO reader for this also)

    we appreciate your response

  19. I agree with Thomas. I was originally interested in this app for the ability to pick up either my phone or tablet and start reading where I left off on either device. But that's just not working.

  20. I've tried all major epub readers on Android and still haven't found the perfect one for me, but Fabrik might be getting there.
    The features I look for are:
    - sync across devices: check
    - render CSS: check
    - file browser: check
    - simple annotations/highlighting: check
    - show page number, preferably along with total number of pages in current chapter: good enough
    - render fonts embedded in epub: NO