Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brand new Icon, and translation!

Hi guys,

Today I've also done some re-designed of the icon, and here it is:

So what do you think? Better or worse than the one we're using now? Let me know!

Also I've finally put together all the texts that needed to be translated in order to get Fabrik Reader localized. And this is the part that I'm going to need your help! I've already got Fabrik Reader translated into Chinese, and it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes. So if you want to help translate Fabrik into your own language(THANKS!!!), please keep reading.

This is the link of the market description: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/20743875/market.txt I'm sure you know how to translate that :)

This is the link to the resource file to be translated: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/20743875/strings.txt

You can open it with any text editor. And when you do, just translate what's between the <string> tags, like:


For example, the 4th line in the file is:

<string name="menu_recent">Recent</string>

If you're translating it into Chinese, you should get:

<string name="menu_recent">最近</string>

Just one more thing that you should know, sometimes you'll see this: %1$s, that's just a place holder for the actual value, and you should put it in the right position. For example, in the following line:

<string name="dialog_opening_book">Opening book \'%1$s\'...</string>

It means that Opening book 'the-actual-book-name'...

And that's all! After you're done, just put the file in your Dropbox public folder and comment the link below. Thank you again!!!

Oh, just one more thing, you could try to come up with a name for Fabrik Reader in your own language if you like! Just comment and explain the name to me. Let me explain the name Fabrik Reader here first. It's really simple actually: I wanted you to have the feeling that you're reading a book made of Fabric, just like what the Chinese people are doing in the old times, well, at least the rich ones are :) So what do you have in mind? Let me know!

BTW, bookmark/widgets are also under way. So stay tuned! An update should hit the market very soon!


  1. In German the noun "Fabrik" means factory and is a little misleading BUT the new nice logo looks like a factory in the clouds to me.

    In the end, users will mostly accept the initial name and go with that, anyway.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. The icon is actually a cloud shaped bookshelf... But I guess it's not the way to go because nobody can actually get that... I think I'll try to improve it.

    2. I would show the logo around and ask other people. I guess that because of the German translation of Fabrik my associations were lead towards factory.

      The strings.xml returns a 404 error, Eric. If you fix that I'll have a go at translating it to German.

    3. Yes, I'll do that. The link has been fixed, stupid mistake. Thank you very much!

    4. Sent you the German translation for the market description via Facebook, hope you received it okay. Half-way through the strings file now.

    5. Is it possible to test-compile Fabrik with the translation so I can iron out possible problems? Or can I just put the strings file somewhere?

    6. Please send the string file to fabrikreader(at)gmail.com. I'll send you back an APK file to test the translation. Thanks again!

    7. Indeed, the icon could certainly use another try. The simple F initial was better. This one is just... well weird. :))
      Anyway, the app itself is pretty nice. I've tried about 20 other apps but I liked this one the most.

  2. String file in Spanish sent to your mail. Please send my Apk to test it.

  3. About the name, in Spanish, Fabrik sounds like "Fábrica" (factory in English too).

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  5. Hi Eric, how are you? I'm here to congratulate you, Fabrik is an amazing and very clean app. I bought the pro version today and totally worth it!

    By the way, my name is Walmyr and I'm an android developer/designer from Brazil, and I love your ideas for your app. I translated your strings for portuguese (PT-BR), here the files:


    If you catch some weird or wrong about translation, tell me, please. And if you want some help with design of UI and iconography, I can help you with this too, if it's not a problem, of course! :D
    I have some ideas about the UI elements that I can sugest you, if you want!

    Congratulations and keep going, your app is amazing!

    1. Thanks a lot!! I'll be in touch if I need any help with the design/developement.

    2. You welcome! I'm glad to help! :D

  6. A great reader, with perfect Dropbox sync.
    I think the new logo has to much details for a small icon, as I see it on my tablet. A little bit reduction could make it clearer.
    Thanks for this great app.

  7. Hey Eric,

    Here are the strings translated into Dutch!


    Hope that helps ;)


  8. I have to say I like the old bookmark better, perhaps if the middle bit were bigger and looked like a book. otherwise an "F" could probably be made to be part of a book. Anyway just my two cents worth.

  9. hey i can not read my book. i am myanmar ( burmese). so pls help me how to do it . reply me pls.

  10. Hi i love your apps especially in my gnote n7000, but the version of my ebook in samsung galaxy tab P1000 was a bit mess up (the format of the same book i read in gnote n7000) . why is that so? Is it due to the format of my ebook? but if not... please fix it. I really love this app.. please.

  11. Please let me know if it works with IOS. I need a Reader like this but multiplatform. If I am reading in my phablet but then later in my house I want to use my IPad, it would be grate find my book and continue reading.