Friday, July 19, 2013

2.2: Annotation for your summer!

Hey guys,

How is your summer going? Lying on some beach and reading your favorite novels with fabrik reader? Cool! My summer is kind of busy, but I think the efforts tend to pay off. So here it is: Fabrik Reader 2.2!

The most significant improvement in this version is the support for annotation, as well as notes (of course they are synchronized, like everything else with fabrik reader). Also some small UI tweaks have been made. Check out the following screenshots!

The last picture is a summary view of all your notes in a book. You'll see it by clicking the orange note counter in the right bottom corner of your book cover. As for the annotation toolbar, I'm sure you know what to do with it, so just poke around and have fun.

I've also redesigned the icon (again!), and here it is, hope you like it better than the last one :)

I think now with the support for annotation and notes, fabrik reader is somewhat feature complete. Personally I can't really think of any major feature that's missing. I'm aware of many small bugs and glitches here and there though, and don't worry, fixes will keep coming. I've also created a place for you guys to submit issues or feature requests: So if you see anything out of ordinary, or you have some exciting new ideas, you know what to do :)

That's it. Enjoy!