Wednesday, October 31, 2012

v1.3: having a big library? Sorting by title, author or recently read!

Hi guys,

Today Fabrik 1.3 is out there, and this time it's for the people who has a big library. Because now you can sort your books by title, author or the most recent time that you read it!

Before this version, you are already sorting books by recent. Now if you are on android >= 3.0, you'll see a dropdown list next to the icon, and from there you can choose to sort books by title and author. If you are still on android 2.x(time to upgrade your phone, pal, and I think I've already said that before...), you can press menu button and you'll see a sort option. Books will be sorted alphabetically if you choose sort by title, and a nice little bookmark will show up as a separator between books starts with different letters. If you choose sort by author, your books will be grouped by authors and authors will be sorted alphabetically. This way your books from a single series will be grouped together (because they share the same author apparently).

Another improvements is that now Fabrik Reader honours the metadata in your books, both epub and mobi format. So it'll show the actual book title instead of the file name. Also you now have an option to use system backlight settings if you don't want to adjust screen brightness manually.

That's it for 1.3. Another things that you should know about, Fabrik Reader is now on Facebook: Please go ahead and like it (I'm pretty sure you actually do ;) Your likes will help promoting Fabrik Reader, and it's all of you great users that make me going further and further. So, thank you! And Enjoy!


  1. Great update. I'm starting to import my books to Fabrik. It's amazing how quickly you've nearly surpassed Aldiko and other readers.

    Suggestions I could think of: Book Widgets for directly launching books like Aldiko.
    Ability to edit metadata or rename files. Ability to manually choose or search for book images, and sync this possibly.

    Lots of big ideas I know, but this app is already incredible as is, and serious thanks for that.

  2. Love the new update, it makes my massive library easier to manage. I hope you're still working on a page turning animation that tracks with your finger. I would love that as an option as it feels so nice on the nook and official google books app.

  3. At last an eBook reader that understands what the users needs and want... Congrats, Fabrik is really amazing!

  4. Just found out about this and it looks amazing!!! ...Wish there was a version for the iPhone...

  5. Great feature. However I wish there was a feature to group the books into custom groups. I have a big collection and grouping would be more useful to me than sorting although sorting certainly does help.

  6. I would really like to see a function to sort by series, I use calibre to organize my library and it labels books (for example Robert Doherty's Area 51 series) as [1] Area 51, [2] Area 51 in the metadata [number] Series title. I have yet to find an ereader that supports this function and since most of my books are series with up to 15 books this would be invaluable

    1. You should just be able to sync your drop box account and caliber folder, and Fabrik should pick it up just fine.

  7. Congrats on making a FANTASTIC reader! Just discovered it and it's replaced several that I've used in the past (Aldiko, Moon+ Reader Pro, Cool Reader, Mantano, etc).

    Looking forward to watching Fabrik develop into the best ereader available for Android!

  8. Hi! Thank you for all the work you are doing, I had a few features I was hoping to suggest, I hope this is a good place to do so. First, since the 4.2 update, I can't use the old tablet UI, which means that I can't see the clock or notifications without exciting the app. Can you consider adding a way to toggle hiding the status bar so that it can remain visible while Fabrik is open? Also, I would love to see cool and warm variations of the plain theme, with dark brown text for day, and amber text at night, or very dark blue text for day and cyan for night. Thank you again, and keep up the wonderful work.