Saturday, September 15, 2012

Work work! 0.3 beta done!

    After hours of hard work, the 0.3 beta is now online! Brain fried now...

    So what you get for my fried brain? Two significant improvements: table of contents support, and you can choose where to put the Fabrik folder in your Dropbox now.

    For table of contents, you'll notice that there is one more button in front of the share button in the reading view. Well, I'll admit that's only for users with android version >= 3.0, if you are still stick with 2.x(time to upgrade your phone!), just press the menu button on your phone(I'm pretty sure you have one) and you'll see the table of contents button, as well as a share button, which I'll talk about later, or you could just try to tap it and see what happens :) Tap on the table of contents button will bring you the table of contents view just like the screenshot on the left, and you know what to do next.

    Another improvement is now you can choose where to put the Fabrik folder in your Dropbox. If you are a new user, just open the app and follow instructions and you'll be fine. If you are already using this app(glad to hear that!), go to settings and tap Dropbox Data Folder, that'll bring up a Dropbox folder choose activity so you can choose where to put the Fabrik folder. After you done choosing, it'll automatically start to synchronize to the new folder. Notice that the old Fabrik folder won't be deleted, so if you don't want it any more, just delete it yourself.

    Now for the share button, >= 3.0 users must already have been familiar with that(no? tap it to share what you are reading with your friends now!). In previous versions, the share button does not work in Android 2.x , simply because they're not showing up. And now they do show up if you press the menu button, so make it useful!

    Other improvements including refined epub render engine(you'll notice that), bug fix, blah blah blah... I think I really need to take a nap now, so I'm gonna stop here.


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