Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fabrik 0.2 beta just got out of the oven

    Fabrik 0.2 beta has just been uploaded to Google Play! It's a small upgrade with bug fixes and some enhancements. The biggest enhancement is that you now can batch import books. Just long click any folders that contains all the books that you want to import(both local and Dropbox folder is OK), and you'll see the context menu like what's showing on the left screenshot. Click on it will import all the books in the directory that you selected. But please notice that it does not consider sub-directories right now, and if you are batch importing books from Dropbox, please wait for the synchronization process to complete before you open the books that you just imported. We need some time to let it finish downloading.

    Other adjustments including:

    A more smooth bookshelf. We cached all the book cover image now so it's definitely a lot smoother than before.
    Some small bug fix.

    Any way, enjoy! And let me what you think!

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